January 18, 2016

About GGL

Green Gold Label (GGL) is owned by the Green Gold Label Foundation (“Stichting Green Gold Label” registered under the Dutch Chamber of Commerce with number 17158362).

The Foundation is led and governed by the GGL Board, chaired by its Chairman. The Board receives advice from an independent Advisory Council which currently includes 5 members. The Advisory Council members are independent professionals, representing industry, academia and society at large.
GGL Country Advisors facilitate the introduction and use of GGL in specific markets.

The Board has delegated the day-to-day management of the GGL interests to a Programme Manager/secretariat. The Programme Manager has currently been seconded on part-time basis to GGL by the (currently) only Certification Body of GGL (CUC).

For the avoidance of doubt, the GGL Foundation safeguards its independence and neutrality by having the Programme Manager complete his tasks under the full responsibility and accountability of the GGL Board.

No Green Gold Label Foundation staff is involved with, or responsible for, any part of the tasks and responsibilities that Control Union Certifications has as a GGL accredited Certification Body. This includes Green Gold Label Foundation staff not being involved or responsible for the following Certification Body activities:

  • Carrying out GGL audits as a Lead Auditor or as part of an audit team
  • Technical review of GGL audits and reports
  • Taking certification decisions relevant to the issuance, re-issuance, suspension or termination of any GGL certificate
  • Management of the GGL audit scheme

This ensures that there is a clear separation between the role of scheme owner (Green Gold Label Foundation) and Certification Body conducting audits for the scheme and avoids any potential conflict of interests.

Green Gold Label Board

Mr. Paul Jacob Bins (Chairman)
Mr. Gijs van der Lee

Programme Manager*

Mr. James Schadenberg
(* currently on part-time secondment to the GGL Foundation from one of the Certification Bodies: Control Unions Certifications B.V.)

Advisory Council

Prof. Dr. André P.C. Faaij
Mr. Kees Boon
Mr. Jeroen C. Oorschot MSc
Ms. Frida van der Veen MSc
Mr. Peter-Paul Schouwenberg