GGL clarifies integration of other biomass schemes for FIT / FIP in Japan 

GGL is unique in the way it works together with other approved and recognized certification schemes. Also for the FIT / FIP regulations in Japan, GGL integrates biomass from other FIT / FIP-approved schemes seamlessly into its GGL-certified supply chain.  Recently an issue on this integration was brought to the attention of the GGL board that requires further clarification. 

Whereas a specific endorsed scheme works with self-declarations, GGL as usual works with supplier verification which is seen as more robust yet also practical. Nevertheless, that specific scheme in question is endorsed by relevant authorities.  

According to our GGL instruction 1d principle 2.5 clarifies:   

Suppliers and mills that supply biomass from endorsed and approved certification schemes (see GGL 1c document; with corresponding evidence) are excluded from the supplier verification programme.  
Note. Within the framework of this document, and GGL 1c, GGL can only endorse schemes that are also approved by the Japanese Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry (METI) within the FIT framework.  

And GGL instruction 1c adds:   

The scope (products & processes) certified in the issued endorsed scheme’s certificate shall be the, or comparable with, the products in the GGL certificate. This requirement is up to the certification body to assess and ensure of. 

That way GGL has a clear and simple structure for working with endorsed schemes for the FIT / FIP regulation in Japan: it remains with the CB to verify that the endorsed scheme’s biomass is compliant whereby the process of self-declaration or supplier verification will not be an issue, unless stated otherwise by the relevant Japanese authorities.  

GGL follows instructions of the relevant regulatory authorities. GGL does not aspire to be or holds the qualifications of a regulator itself.