September 8, 2017

Appeals and complaints

The GGL Foundation can be approached for any appeals or complaints regarding the scheme and its (supporting) documents. Complaints and appeals related to audits, participants and Certification Bodies must be directed at the GGL participant (certified company) or GGL approved Certification Body.  Only if a complaint or appeal is unsuccessful and not adequalty resolved with or by the previously mentioned parties can it be submitted at the GGL Foundation.

Please be advised and the submitted complaints shall include sufficient evidences for further follow-up and investigation. The complaints and appeals aimed at the Foundation and the GGL scheme are handled as stated in this chapter. Furthermore, Complaints and appeals relevant to a participant or Certification Body should be submitted with the participant, Certification Body or Accreditation Body first. Each of these parties shall process the appeal or complaint according to their (GGL) procedures. Upon an unsuccessful handling of the complaint or appeal by the previously mentioned parties may the complaint or appeal be submitted with the Foundation in accordance with this chapter.

A Foundation employee shall contact the appellant or complainant within 30 days of submitting the appeal or complaint. Following the formal investigation will the GGL Board or Chairman provide a formal response to all parties involved. The response shall include a conclusion and a rationale for the decision. If applicable it will include any necessary follow up. The response shall be provided within 80 days or receiving the complaint or appeal. The possible outcomes of the complaints investigation can range from the dismissal of the complaints or issuance of observation/non-comformance to the particapant up to the suspenssion of the participant and/or certification body.

Please see the full procedure as stated in the GGL Certification Regulation under article 5, available here.

Complaints can be submitted to the Green Gold Label Foundation through our email address: