GGL extends its approval to all types of Biomass for FIT / FIP in Japan

The Green Gold Label Foundation (GGL) has secured the approval from Japanese authorities for meeting its principles, requirements and criteria for 11 types of agricultural residues next to PKS and woody biomass incl. lifecycle GHG emission savings under its FIT / FIP scheme.

This approval is valid from April 1st, 2024 and extends the scope of biomass for supplying Japanese markets under FIT / FIP from PKS (palm kernel shells) to the other listed biogenic residues, and biomass from woody as well as agricultural sources. This approval rounds up several months of intense and constructive discussions with all relevant stakeholders, which the GGL Foundation wishes to thank for their support.

The following new and updated documents are applicable from April 1st 2024 and onwards, which have been published on GGL’s website available for download:

·         GGL-1d. Instruction for supplying Japanese market FIT FIP v1-8

·         GGL-1d. Annex – Audit template for Residues in GGL Instruction 1d under B1 – v1-0

·         GGL-1e. Raw Materials Statement Japanese market FIT FIP v1-3

·         GGL-1f. Instruction for GHG calculations for Japanese market FIT FIP v1-1

·         GGL-1f. Annex – Default GHG values – Biomass Sustainability Working Group (March2023)

·         GGL-1c. Endorsed schemes v1-6 (approved for Japan, pending for the Netherlands)

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