Small Trader Participation Fee Adjustment for Sustainable Biomass Certification

Dear Valued Participants of the GGL Scheme,

In an effort to support and promote responsible biomass sourcing and trading practices, the Green Gold Label Foundation announces a revision in the participation fee structure for small trading entities. As of January 1st 2024, the fixed annual participation fee for small Traders with less than 50,000 MT of traded volumes with a GGL-claim will be adjusted from €200 to €250. In addition, from 2024 this part of the fixed fee will be charged to Traders and Endusers from at the beginning of each year rather than at the end. For all Traders and Endusers the remaining open balance of the fixed fee is determined at the end of the relevant year based on their respective GGL-certified volumes. That remaining balance will be charged in January-February of the following year. For clarity: small Traders with less then 50,000 MT of GGL-certified volumes have a remaining open balance of 0 (nil) Eur.

The Green Gold Label Foundation has been at the forefront of certifying sustainable biomass, ensuring that the industry maintains high environmental and ethical standards. This change in the participation fee is part of the foundation’s ongoing commitment to further enhance the integrity and effectiveness of its certification process.

Key Highlights of the Fee Adjustment:

– Effective Date: The revised participation fee structure will take effect on January 1, 2024.

– Small Traders with trading volumes of less than 50,000 MT and holding GGL-claims will be impacted by this fee adjustment. In addition, all Traders and Endusers will be charged this part of the fixed fee as of the beginning of each year. Their remaining balance of the fixed fee (when applicable) being determined based on GGL-certified volumes at the end of each year and charged early in the following year.

– New Participation Fee: Small traders will now be required to pay €250 for their certification on an annual basis.

– Investing in Sustainability: The increased fee will allow the Green Gold Label Foundation to continue its mission of promoting sustainability in biomass trading by supporting vital initiatives, research, and quality assurance measures.

The Green Gold Label Foundation remains dedicated to driving positive change in the biomass industry, and this fee adjustment will play a crucial role in ensuring the long-term sustainability and credibility of certified biomass trading.

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