ISCC and MSPO are endorsed by GGL for Supplying the Japanese markets

Following the decision of Japanese Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry (METI) regarding the approval of ISCC and MSPO certification programs for the Feed-in-Tariff scheme, GGL Foundation is glad to announce that the mentioned schemes are integrated in the GGL scheme to facilitate supplying the GGL-claimed material to Japanese markets.

Accordingly, the list of endorsed schemes in GGL 1c has been updated to include ISCC and MSPO programs. This update is only applicable for supplying the Japanese markets, under the scope of GGL 1d instruction document.

With this update the certified entities (such as CPO mills and other biomass producers) who hold a RSB, RSPO, ISCC and MSPO certificate can be exempted from supplier verification and or internal audit by the GGL certified collectors. 

The updated version of GG 1c document is now being made available on Green Gold Label website under the Documents section: GGL-1c.-Endorsed-schemes-v1-3.1