As of January 15th 2020, Green Gold Label has been approved by the Dutch Ministry of Economic affairs and Climate policy for all SDE+ biomass categories. As a result of this GGL can be used to show compliance against all SDE+ criteria.

Changes to Forest Management schemes which are accepted by SDE+ are as follow:

  • PEFC will not be longer accepted by SDE+ as it does not satisfy a number of sustainability requirements
  • The majority of the Endorsed schemes is just partially compliant with SDE+
  • Additional verification is therefore needed: CAT. 1 (with individual and group verification); CAT. 2 (with individual and group verification OR with the Risk Based Approach)
  • GGLS5 can provide the full compliance with the SDE+ requirements for Forest Managers and Biomass Producers.

To make the process more transparent and easy, a number of new and updated documents are now available in the GGL section “documents”

  • GGL 1c- Endorsed schemes v2; provides with an overview on the updated endorsed schemes for biomass cat.1 and cat2
  •  GGL 4c. Transaction Statement guidance pag.2; provides guidance on how to fill in pag.2 of the Transaction Statement. This page is required for GGL members that want to trade to the Netherlands.
  • GGL S5. Instruction document; provides an overview on GGL S5 and to whom is addressed and how to make use of it, also with regard to SDE+.


More information can be found on the RVO website.