December 17, 2015


Current GGL standard & document framework


GGL standards

Updated standards and documents further alligned with the Dutch sustainability criteria to replace the older versions:


Supporting / instruction documents

Other documents


Other expired documents


Public consultation (ended on 14-5-17)

Below the GGL standards and other (supporting) documents can be found that are currently published as drafts. Stakeholders are invited to provide input for the onging revision process of these documents in order to align them with current certification and regulatory requirements. The deadline for providing input is May 14th 2017

Please use the following form to provide feedback on the GGL documents: GGL standards consultation – feedback form v1-0.

Documents under consultation:

  • GGLS1 – COC and Processing Standard v3-0 D1
  • GGLS2 – Agricultural Source Criteria v2-2 D1
  • GGLS4 – Transaction and Product Certificate v2-2 D1
  • GGLS5 – Forest Management Criteria v2-2 D1
  • GGLS6 – Power Company Criteria v1-2 D1
  • GGLS8 – Greenhouse Gasses and Energy Balance Calculation Standard v2-1 D1
  • Glossary GGL v2-3 D1
  • Document 3c – Raw Materials Claim v2-3 D1

Note: standards 3 and 7 are not applicable or have been withdrawn


GGL documents applicable untill 2017