December 17, 2015


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A transition period has been introduced to facilitate the transition to the new versions of GGL documents. This period starts on January 24th 2019 and ends on January 24th 2020.

During the transition period GGL certified companies (participants) can use both the old and the new versions. After January 24th 2020 all companies must be certified against the latest versions of the GGL documents. After this date certificates issued against old versions of the GGL normative documents will be invalid.
CB’s conducting GGL audits will be carrying audits against the new documents during each upcoming assessment in order to ensure that all companies are meeting the new requirements. The GGL participant register will be updated to include information against which GGL normative document version a certificate has been issued.

New documents updated and to become effective in the upcoming period

More information on the effective dates of these documents will follow shortly

Previous versions that expire on 24-1-2020 (the end of the transition period)

Previous versions that are no longer valid