December 17, 2015


Public consultation

Below the GGL standards and other (supporting) documents can be found that are currently published as drafts. Stakeholders are invited to provide input for the onging revision process of these documents in order to align them with current certification and regulatory requirements. The deadline for providing input is May 14th 2017

Please use the following form┬áto provide feedback on the GGL documents: GGL standards consultation – feedback form v1-0. This can be sent to

Documents under consultation:

Note: standards 3 and 7 are not applicable or have been withdrawn


Other documents

  • The Certification Requirements establish the rules of certification, which shall be applied by every Certification Body (CB) that wishes to carry out inspection and certification according to the Green Gold Label standards to issue to, extend or withdraw Green Gold Label (GGL) certificates from producers or sellers of biofuels.
  • The GGL Glossary describes the Terms and Definitions used in the GGL Schemes.
  • The Articles of Association lay down the rules of procedure of the GGL Foundation.