Achievements and challenges in 18 years of GGL

It is now 18 years that the Green Gold Label Foundation was created with the aim to provide a new reliable standard for sustainable sourcing of biomass with worldwide applicability. The Foundation is a charitable not-for-profit organization run by volunteers professionals who want to put their knowledge and expertise into the development of strict requirements for biomass sourcing, processing and trading.

The GGL Standard was created to provide a system that would allow to track and trace biomass (solid  and liquid) from its point of origin and all along its supply chain together with important sustainability information. As biomass is gaining more and more importance as an alternative source of fossil energy, this step was necessary to guarantee biomass is sustainably and legally sourced without depletion of natural finite resources. The latter is ensured thanks to a number of strict requirements on sustainable forest management and biomass sourcing. Some examples of how this is guaranteed are provided below.

GGL does not just aim at providing a trustworthy certification scheme able to safeguard the environment but also at guarantying fair working conditions for all the players involved along the biomass supply chain as well as to involve stakeholders and interested groups in decision-making processes. Finally GGL makes it possible to turn “residues” into new valuable sources for sustainable energy production helping other industrial sectors to become more efficient – provided these meet GGL’ stringent requirements!