Publication of new GGL standards

Following the stakeholder consultation and approval from the GGL Board and Advisory Council have the following documents been published on the GGL documents page:

  • GGLS5 Forest Management Criteria version 2-3
  • GGLS2 Agricultural Criteria version 2-3
  • GGL Certification Regulation version 7-3

These documents have been updated to ensure compliance with SDE+ biomass category 1 – 4 and in preparation of submitting the documents for approval at the Dutch government. GGLS5 and GGLS2 are effective immediatly. The GGL Certification Regulation version 7-3 has a transition period that ends on January 24th 2020.

Additionally two new documents have received minor updates:

  • GGL 1c. Endorsed schemes version 1-1
  • GGL 4a. Transaction statement version 1-3

These documents are expected to become effective in the upcoming period. More information will be released shortly.

For more information visit our documents page: