Stakeholder consultation announcement

Stakeholder consultation announcement – ends March 25th 2019

Following the approval by the GGL Board and GGL Advisory Council The Green Gold Label Foundation invites stakeholders and other interested parties to provide feedback on the following documents:

The main purpose of these documents, and the changes compared to the previous versions, is to ensure that GGL meets all requirements from the Dutch SDE+ scheme for the biomass categories 1 – 4.

The main changes compared to the previous versions are:

  • Indicators have been added to each applicable criterion (GGLS2 & GGLS5)
  • Annex B in GGLS5 has been introduced to facilitate groups (optional)
  • The GGL Certification Regulation includes requirements to ensure CB’s are conducting audits against GGLS2 and GGLS5 accordingly.

The deadline for providing input is March 25th 2019. Inputs can be submitted by using a form (GGL standards consultation – feedback form) and sending this to

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