Green Gold Label approved for SDE+ biomass category 5!

As of January 24th 2019 Green Gold Label has been approved by the Dutch Ministry of Economic affairs and Climate policy for SDE+ biomass category 5 (residues) and COC. As a result of this GGL can be used to show compliance against the SDE+ criteria for sustainable biomass category 5.

Following the approval the following (new/updated) documents should now be used to meet the GGL requirements:

  • GGLS1 v3-1 (COC)
  • GGL1a instruction document version 2-2 (requirements on GHG calculations)
    • GGL 4a transaction statement version 1-2 (template to cover the requirements from GGL1a)
    • GGL 4b Transaction statement guidance v1-0 (guidance on using template GGL 4a)
  • GGL 1c Endorsed schemes v1-0
  • GGL 1b raw material statement version 2-4

All GGL participants are expected to use, and be audited against, these documents during the transition period which ends on January 24th 2019. After this date the certificates of GGL participants certified against older versions of these documents will be invalid.
In order to facilitate these changes the GGL participants register will be updated in the upcoming period in order to more easily identify which participants are certified against the latest version of the GGL standards and other normative documents.

More information and information published by RVO on GGL can be found at