Green Gold Label re-submitted for SDE+ (Dutch sustainability criteria)

As of July 17th the GGL Foundation has submitted its scheme for review by the Dutch advisory commission on sustainability of biomass for energy applications in order to meet the requirements of SDE+. As posted previously GGL received feedback from the Dutch advisory commission to update GGL on a few issues identified in order to be fully compliant with SDE+ requirements for certification schemes. As GGL has done a minor update of scheme documents GGL is ready for a renewed assessment by the commission.

GGL has decided to re-submit its documents for biomass category 5 (residues) and applicable management requirements. Following the approval for this category GGL will consider applying for the remaining categories before the end of this year (cat. 1 – 4). This will ensure that GGL Participants will continue to use the scheme in 2019 for SDE+.

More information can be found on the commissions website:

For questions feel free to contact GGL through the contacts page.