As of January 15th 2020, Green Gold Label has been approved by the Dutch Ministry of Economic affairs and Climate policy for all SDE+ biomass categories. As a result of this GGL can be used to show compliance against all SDE+ criteria.

Changes to Forest Management schemes which are accepted by SDE+ are as follow:

  • PEFC will not be longer accepted by SDE+ as it does not satisfy a number of sustainability requirements
  • The majority of the Endorsed schemes is just partially compliant with SDE+
  • Additional verification is therefore needed: CAT. 1 (with individual and group verification); CAT. 2 (with individual and group verification OR with the Risk Based Approach)
  • GGLS5 can provide the full compliance with the SDE+ requirements for Forest Managers and Biomass Producers.

To make the process more transparent and easy, a number of new and updated documents are now available in the GGL section “documents”

  • GGL 1c- Endorsed schemes v1-2; provides the list of the updated endorsed schemes for biomass cat.1 and cat.2
  • 4a. Transaction Statement-v1-4-template, provides an update version of the Transaction Statement template
  •  GGL 4b. Transaction Statement guidance pag.2; provides guidance on how to fill the Transaction Statement and in specific, pag.2 of the Statement. This page is required for GGL members that want to trade to the Netherlands.


More information can be found on the RVO website.