New Version of the Transacion Statement

In order to make the process of the Transaction Certificates more transparent and intuitive few changes have been applied to the template. 

Just the 1st page of the Transaction Statement was edited. In specific it will be asked to the users, to:


  1. Provide the unique code(s) coming with the received TCs; in this way it will be easier to detect the string of TCs and the supply chain linked to a certain batch of biomass (Previous TCs);
  2.  Provide the name of the supplier (Product supplied from);
  3. Provide the name of the purchasing company (Product supplied to);
  4. While, the e-value has been removed. Therefore, there will not be need anymore to insert this data.


Transition period

Soon it will be communicated in which date this version of the TS will be official. A transition period will be then, given so to facilitate the transition to the use of the new TS version. During the transition period GGL certified companies (participants) can use both the old and the new versions.

All the updated documents will be found on the GGL website at: