How to use GGLS5 to show compliance against SDE+

GGLS5 is based on the sustainability requirements set by the Netherlands and the Renewable Energy Directive’s sustainability criteria (2009/28/EC) (SDE+). GGLS5 has not been developed to replace existing forest management standards or schemes. However this standard can be applied if non-endorsed and non-certified materials are sourced under the scope of a GGL participant certificate; this[…]

Stakeholder Consultation Announcement

Stakeholder consultation announcement – ends April 23rd 2020 Following the approval by the GGL Board and GGL Advisory Council The Green Gold Label Foundation invites stakeholders and other interested parties to provide feedback on the following documents: GGL 1d. Instruction document for using PKS v1-0 Draft version GGL 1e. Raw Materials Statement PKS v1-0 D1[…]


As of January 15th 2020, Green Gold Label has been approved by the Dutch Ministry of Economic affairs and Climate policy for all SDE+ biomass categories. As a result of this GGL can be used to show compliance against all SDE+ criteria. Changes to Forest Management schemes which are accepted by SDE+ are as follow:[…]